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Welcome to “The Forge,” our dynamic NDIS Workshop Program tailored to spark creativity, cultivate skills, and foster personal growth among our participants. This unique initiative offers an array of captivating activities, carefully curated to cater to diverse interests and ignite individual potential.

In “The Forge,” participants will delve into the realm of modern innovation with our 3D printing sessions, transforming digital concepts into tangible works of art. Our prop-making workshops invite participants to unleash their imagination and master the craft of creating intricate and realistic props, turning their favorite narratives into reality. For enthusiasts of transformation and self-expression, our cosplay workshops provide a space to perfect costume designs and craft intricate accessories that embody beloved characters.

Join us on a journey of exploration and growth within “The Forge,” where each workshop offers an opportunity to discover new skills, uncover boundless inspiration, and tap into the wellspring of individual creativity.

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